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Group Mentoring

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Beginning in the 6th grade, the Fulfillment Fund helps students achieve their highest potential through a professionally-supported group mentoring program. In this setting, students develop relationships of trust and respect with volunteer adult mentors, as well as with their peers, while being encouraged to set and achieve academic and career goals. 

The benefits of students joining our group mentoring program beginning in the 6th grade are many. Starting out, they were learn about the Fulfillment Fund and all of the resources and opportunities we provide. Our team will also teach students the value of mentoring, and the advantage of building sound relationships with adults and peers - and, how this can help them on their journey through life. 

The Group Mentoring Experience

Each month during the school year, a group of 8-10 students will meet every week with their mentor(s) after school. There will be at least a one week break between each session, with longer breaks for scheduled holidays. Groups will be facilitated by one or two mentors and a school partner teacher.

In addition, during group mentoring sessions, Fulfillment Fund mentor program staff will check-in with each group periodically. Group mentors will facilitate Fulfillment Fund curriculum, which is made up of interactive exercises and "warmers," has been created to help students build skills and confidence while guiding and inspiring them to explore a variety of careers and higher education goals.

Fulfillment Fund Group Mentor Criteria:

  • Must be 21 years or older
  • Must pass a background check
  • Must pass and submit a negative TB screening
  • Attend an initial mentor training and at least two ongoing trainings during each school year
  • Be interested in helping a group of students set and achieve career and academic goals
  • Able to commit to participating in group mentoring/student guidance for a minimum of one full academic year, with interest to continue their commitments until their students have completed eighth grade. 
  • Able to meet at their group mentoring school three times a month for two hours. 

Steps to Becoming a Group Mentor

  1. Complete our group mentoring application.
  2. Meet with a Fulfillment Fund mentor program staff member for an interview.
  3. Attend our initial mentor training session, held on a set weeknight every month.
  4. Complete the criminal background check and screening process.

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