Empowering Youth Through Education

Destination College: An Unforgettable Way to “Pay It Forward”

Stepping off the bus, 17-year-old Katherine set foot on her first college campus. At this moment, she realized college was something she wanted for herself.

Katherine Cabrel was a junior at Los Angeles High School in 2002 when she attended the Fulfillment Fund's daylong college preparation event, Destination College, and developed a whole new perspective on her future.

“Destination College got me to think outside of what I knew and forced me to be proactive about researching colleges that were right for me,” said Katherine. “This event gave me so much insight that I wasn’t getting from my high school and as a first-generation student, my parents could only help so much.”

In high school, Katherine was a “go with the flow kind of person” who never thought she could go somewhere other than a community college. But because of the college fair she attended at Destination College, she networked with a college representative from the University of San Francisco.

After being directed to a bilingual representative from the multicultural department at University of San Francisco, both Katherine and her parents were able to understand the benefits of this great opportunity.

“It was unheard of in our family to leave for college and to move far from home,” said Katherine. “Most people in my community only left when they got married or started working.”

With the help of the Fulfillment Fund’s scholarship, professional development series, and constant check-ins from staff, Katherine graduated from University of San Francisco in 2009 with a bachelor’s in communications and Latin American studies.

Katherine is currently working in accounting at Veterinary Centers of America. She joined the Fulfillment Fund Alumni Ambassadors to give back to her community and help students like herself.

“The Fulfillment Fund has a big place in my heart and I want to help with their goals because they’re also mine,” said Katherine. “Destination College is the reason why I went to college and I want to help someone have that same experience.”

If you are interested in volunteering at Destination College 2014, please visit www.fulfillment.org/destinationcollege/howyoucanhelp.