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It’s College Decision Day!

Today is College Decision Day, and our CEO has a special message for our students. Check out Allysunn’s note below!

It’s my first time celebrating College Decision Day with the Fulfillment Fund, and it’s been so inspiring! Click below for a quick video I recorded for our students, and stay tuned for more highlights and stories in the days to come. This empowering day – which we celebrate all week – honors our high school seniors as they proudly declare that they will be continuing their education beyond high school and announcing which college they will be attending in the fall. It’s a proud and emotional moment, not just for our students, but for our staff who have watched them work hard, persevere, and reach this incredible milestone. Happy Decision Day, everyone!

– Allysunn Walker-Williams, Fulfillment Fund CEO

Watch Allysunn’s Decision Day video to students.

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