Intro to Excel

On May 6, 2021, Quyun Pham and Mario Garcia, our volunteers from Sony Pictures Entertainment, facilitated an Excel Webinar for Fulfillment Fund students. They were able to show students different functions such as Concat, data validation, and V-Look Up. Join us as they walk students through these different functions and how to use them. 

About our Presenters:

Quynh Pham is a data analytics professional with over two decades of helping businesses with their business intelligence, information technology, and data science initiatives. Currently, he is the Director of Data Governance and Data Management at Sony Pictures Entertainment. He has worked with ever-evolving databases, business intelligence, and data visualization tools but Excel is one tool that has maintained its utility and importance in the business community.

Mario Garcia is a business professional providing marketing strategies for both consumer and business marketing. He specializes in using data to develop insights that are used to improve the effectiveness of marketing programs. He received his marketing degree from California State University, Northridge. Currently, he is the Director, Consumer Data & Insights at Sony Pictures Entertainment. He’s been working with data to drive marketing strategies for 25 years across several industries including media, health, and entertainment. Excel has always been a tool for him ever since college to collect, manipulate and aggregate data for many purposes including personal use outside of work.

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