Corporate Opportunities

Corporate partners are crucial as we prepare our talented, dedicated students for life after college. Not only do Fulfillment Fund students benefit from corporate engagement, but participating companies end up making high-ROI investments in human capital, often creating a diverse pathway for future employees who enrich and enhance their companies.

Opportunities Include:

Programmatic and Event Sponsorship: Support the Fulfillment Fund through programmatic and event sponsorships. We offer valuable visibility and marketing opportunities, which highlight our corporate partners’ involvement and generosity to our constituents, which includes roughly 50,000 students, family members, alumni and donors.

Career Exploration Events:Join a Fulfillment Fund career event and share the expertise your talented employees have gained to help guide students who are starting their career paths, often within a specific career or field.

Lunch and Learn: Inspire community involvement among your employees by bringing the Fulfillment Fund into your office for a friendly and informative “lunch and learn” presentation focused on volunteering and mentorship.

Volunteer Day: Connect your employees to our students for a unique day of service and learning. Some examples are office visits and tours, scavenger hunts at local universities, or college visits.Internships: Explore opportunities for our scholarship students to intern at your place of business, where they could gain valuable work experience, build their networks and support your work.

To explore how your corporation may want to get involved, or to discuss a personalized corporate opportunity, please contact Carole Crone, Director of Fundraising Events, at


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