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Our Supporters

Fulfillment Fund relies on the support of individuals, corporations and foundations, whose generous support allows us to deliver high-quality, innovative college access and success services to more than 3,000 students growing up in economically and educationally under-resourced communities.

We are honored to acknowledge our extraordinary donors for their generosity during fiscal year 2018. On behalf of all the students and families whose lives you have impacted, and everyone at the Fulfillment Fund, we offer our sincere thanks. To view this as a PDF and also see our recognition lists for in-kind donors, mentors, boards of directors, and fundraising event highlights, please click here.

We strive to accurately recognize our donors. Please inform us of any errors or omissions by contacting Carole Crone, Director of Fundraising Events, at ccrone@fulfillment.org.



California Community Foundation

Pamela Buffett and Dusty Fleming

Windsong Trust

$25,000 – $99,999


Etty and Claude Arnall

Howard Banchik

Helen and Peter Bing, M.D.

Andrea Cockrum

Creative Artists Agency

Nancy and James Demetriades

Cherna and Gary Gitnick, M.D.

Janice and Robert Goldman

Sally Whitehill and Mark Gordon

Jana and Randall Greer

Illumination Entertainment

John P. Lamerdin Scholarship Fund via the California Community Foundation

Joan H. Jones

Joseph Drown Foundation

Jo Ann and Charles Kaplan

John and Kathy Kissick

Kelsey Minarik and Josh Klinefelter

Heidi Segal and Eric Krautheimer

Nesbitt Foundation

Rich Ross and Adam Sanderson

Harley and Beth Schrager Foundation

Honorable Arnold Schwarzenegger

Victoria Mann Simms, Ph.D. and Ronald Simms

Anne Sweeney and Philip Miller

The Banky-LaRocque Foundation

The Capital Group Companies/The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation

The Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation

The Ward Family

Stanley Tomchin

Reva and William Tooley

United Way of Greater Los Angeles

Wells Fargo

$10,000 – $24,999

Leslie Mann and Judd Apatow

Aurora Capital Partners

Pam and Jeff Balton

Alexandra and Mickey


Edward Bernero

The Sheri and Les Biller

Family Foundation

Casa Automotive Group

Bill Cockrum, M.B.A.

Crowell & Moring

Edison International

Nancy Ferguson

Jordyn and David Grohl

Susan Harris

Johnny Carson Foundation

Grace Latt and Anthony Rossi

Lon V. Smith Foundation

Jennifer and Robert Lopata

Melanie and Richard Lundquist

Marilyn and Jay Marks, M.D.

Diane and Paul Mohilef

Susan and Edward Rosenson

Jolene and George Schlatter

Madeleine Sherak, Ph.D.

Doreen and Fred Solomon

Specialty Family Foundation

The Fran and Ray Stark Foundation

The Marcia Israel Foundation

The Phillip and Terri Schrager Foundation

Janelle and Brian Werdesheim

Carla Mann Woods and Eric Woods

$5,000 – $9,999

The Honorable Frank and Kathy Baxter

Lizbett and Marcelo Bermudez

Claudia and Romie Chaudhari

Sandy Climan

Erin Cox

D & R Fund

Rosemary Deardorff

Melina Esrailian, D.D.S. and Eric Esrailian, M.D., M.P.H.

Jo and Steven Fogel

Sheril and Robert Freedman

Fullscreen, Inc.

Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks

Tracy and Stuart Herriott

John and Hilda Arnold Foundation

Deborah and Ivan Kallick

Glorya Kaufman

Bud T. Knapp

Sandra Krause and William Fitzgerald

Erica and Kenny Messer

Lisa and James Miles

Jorge Parra

Adam Paris

Margo Peck

Recruiting Social Consulting, Inc.

Brooke N. Riley

Raina and David Rosenblum

Laurie and Jeffrey Smith

Wendy and Harlan Spinner

The Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation

The Otis Booth Foundation

Kirsten Vangsness

Venable, LLP

Kimberly and Jeffrey Werdesheim

$1,000 – $4,999

Marc Ackerman

Sarah and Gregory Agee

Marie Ambrosino-Peter and Doug Peter

Alexa and Alex Amin

Maribeth Annaguey, Esq.


Amy Aquino and Drew McCoy

Ramesh Balasubramaniam

Jannell and Randy Banchik

Keith J. Barnett

Isela Barrios and Dorian Jackson

Laurence Becsey

Nadine Bell

Linda and Chuck Bergman

Sybil Bergman

Carol and Frank Biondi

Susan Bloch Kay and Stephen Kay

Bollenbach Family Fund / Barbara Bollenbach

Peggy A. Booth

Anna and Harry Borun, M.D.

Scott Calfas

Marlene and David Capell

Robin and Albert Carnesale

Mariah Brandt and David Casares

Risa and Brandon Chapnick

Suzanne Cole

Janet and Barry Cooper

Joan Dangerfield

Jordan and John Davis

Isabel and Hugo De Castro

Betheny Delaplane

Jeremy Delaplane

Carla Denly

Mary Dolan

Joan and Jerry Doren

Jody Graham Dunitz and Mitchell J. Dunitz

Jean-Marie and Victor Elizalde

Andrea and Frank Epinger

Jill and Michael Erman

Maria Espinosa Booth and Chris Booth

Linda and Roger

Friedman, M.D.

Adriana Sheinbaum and Rodrigo Garcia

Ruth and Howard Gilliam

Dana and Michael Glantz

Harriet and Richard Gold

Carol H. Goldsmith

Jaime Gonzalez

Eleanor Gorman

Kathleen and John Hamilton

Sylvia and Lawrence Hartman

Ann-Eve Hazen Family Fund

Sarah Bastian and Edward P. Helms

Agi Hirshberg

Diane and Jim Holland

Judith Hopkinson

Dr. Mary Ann Rosenfeld and Sheldon Kadish

Sherri and Lloyd Kandell

Jeanne and Maxwell Kaufer

Lisa and James Keston

Molly and Howard Koch

Terri and Jerry Kohl

Dr. Susan Krevoy and Leo Spiwak

Alison and Steve Lapinski

Hollis and Robert LaPlante

Mai and James Lassiter

Dorothy and Allen Lay

Barbara Lazaroff

Sandra and David Lee

Bobette and Jay Lerner

Lola Levoy and Alan Shuman

Kathleen and Keith Liberman

Local Mercato, LLC

Marc Luzzatto

Beverly and Robert Mayer

Michael and Lori Milken

Family Foundation

Milton B. Miller

Morton Capital Management

Michele Mulrooney and James R. Jackoway

Stephanie and Greg Nortman

Mindy and Mark Owens

Shoreen E. Maghame and Philip Paccione

Cheryl L. Paller

Christopher Pawlak

Gayle and Chuck Pick

Sandra and Dr. Steven Polin

Niona and Benjamin Rich

Alexis and William Richards

Gayle and Dr. Lee Rodgers

Melissa and Raphael Romero

Lois Rosen

Kathleen and Dale Rosenbloom

Valerie and Bennett Roth, M.D.

Wendy and Ken Ruby

Anne and David Ruderman

Julianne and Martin Safran

Ann and Gerald Saltsman

Catherine Sanger

Carole and Larry Scherzer

Sherie and Alan Schneider

Dr. Anne York and Jeffrey Schrager

Laura and Richard Schrager

Amy and Stephen Schwartz

Joanne and Gilbert Segel

Jordan Shlain

Robert S. Shriver, III

Marc Simons

Carolyn and Will Singleton

Moira and Gary Sinise

Elizabeth and David Skulsky

Hayden S. Slater

Cristina and Devin Sloane

Marilyn Spencer

Dr. Ronald Stein

Lana Sternberg

Sun Valley Writers’ Conference

Kathy Taggares

The Key Worldwide Foundation

The Scherrer Foundation


Toby and Bob Waldorf

Ralph Collins Walter

Stephanie and Nick Wechsler

Marilyn Weiss Alper

Linda and Jay Weitzler

Lindy and Tom Werges

Isabel and David Wintroub

Lauren and Steven Wolff

Wonderful Giving

Kevyn Wynn

Constance and Graham Yost

$500 – $999

Leticia A. Acosta

Thomas Balamaci

Suzonne Bass

Peter Bergren

Joel Berman

Maggie and Jamie Bertisch

Jacqueline and Harvey Bibicoff

Beverly and Dr. William Bierer

Sandra and John Blau

Reveta and The Honorable Robert Bowers

Nell Cady-Kruse and Steven Kruse

CE Supply

Adriana Centeno

Diana and Micah Clephane

Julian DeGroot-Lutzner

Deutsche Bank

Sherry Dewane

Brandt England

Veronica M. Estrada

ExxonMobil Foundation

Linda Faber

Deborah and Maury Fagan

Gabriel Flores

Joan and Charles Fox

John T. Frankenheimer, Esq.

Jeffrey Freid

Lynn and Kevin Friedman

Pamela and Ritchie Geisel

Kelly Gilmore

Elana and Jon Gimbel

Sherry and Max Gitnick

Donna and Howard Goldman

Nadia and Daniel Gray

Melissa Hanlin

Jacqueline Hantgan and Josh Zweiback

Miriam and Marc Hoffman

Leanne and Kyle Huebner

Margo and Stanley Itskowitch

Susie and James Jaqua

Cynthia Jennings and Brian Corrigan

Marc Jones

Patty and Brian Joy

Amanda Dimiero and Chase Kern

Matt Kohler

Caryn Leemon-Krausz and Gary Krausz

Sarah J. Lang

Mindy and Joseph Lebovic

Karen and Ben Levine

Kymber Lim

Louis and Marion Lipofsky

Sandra and Michael Lohr

Blaine Lourd

Donna and John Low

Kyra Lucchesi and Rex H. Dunn

Rachael A. MacFarlane-Laudiero and Spencer Laudiero

Marilyn Mack

Andres Martinez

Ryan A. Martinez

Elizabeth and Ian McGregor

Irene McKenna

Maria Camacho and Dayton Miller

Amy and Richard Miller

Richard Motika

Ann and Greg Myer

Myrna Oken

Harriet and Richard Orkand

Linda and Bart Pachino

Andrew Pierno

Rita Ravindra

Diane Reichenberger

Shirley Reisman

Judith and James Roach

Nino Rodriguez

Valerie and Gilbert Romoff

Anika N. Rose

Rick Rosner

Jack Rubin

Joel Sachs

Liz and David Sadkin

Meaghan Sanders and Galen Lewis

Virginia and George Schenck

Marilyn and Eric Schmitter

Stanley B. Schneider, C.P.A.

Jack J. Schrager

Shanit and Samuel Schwartz

Sandra and Vincent Scully

Lana Shapiro

Michelle and Perry Silver

Jill and Seth Steinberg

Sara and Benjamin Stern

Mary Streit

Jonathan Tomback

Cindy Wasson

Eleanor and Barry Weinstock

Ellen and Ronald Whittier

Marlene and Sanford Wilk

Carla Woodson

Shana and Matthew Zarcufsky

Michelle and Bo Zarnegin

Barbara J. Zipperman

$100 – $499

Sheela Abdi

Tiffany and Erikk Aldridge

Alliance Bernstein

Andrew Altshule

Judy Ahumada and Tony Alvarenga

Allie and Rick Alvarez

Amazon Smile Foundation

Alex Amerri

Kristin Andress


Rebecca and Andrew Apfelberg

Loretta S. Appel

Nicole and Kevin Armstrong

Kevin Ashby, M.D.

Agavni Aslanyan

Jose Avalos

Amy and Matt Baer

Evelyn and William Balamaci

Vanessa Ballesteros

Roslyn and Norman Baron

Stephanie Barron

Bash, Gesas & Company

Cristina Behrens

Kiera Behrle

David Belasco

David Beltran, D.V.M.

David Ben-Meir

Judith K. Berg

Damon Berger

Alan Berliner

Randy Bishop

Julie Bollinger

Jamie Bond

Bill Bonnefil

Joan and Frederick Booke

Lesley Boone

Alice L. Bowden

Anne-Catherine Briand-Fortin

Jeb Brody

Jenna Bunnell

Sunny W. Caine

California Student Aid Commission

Meghan Camara

Trey Caple

Ambar Capoor

Jennifer Cardona

Kristen Cascio

Katherine Castro

Megan and Shaun Caulfield

Mark Cave

Rachael Chacko

Stephen Chang

Chris Charalambous

Elizabeth Chin

Lori A. Christopher

Julia and Jean-Paul Ciardullo

Terri S. Clark

Tracey Clarke

Thomas Cleary

Sharon Cochran

Cameron Cohen

Mark Cohen

Whitney Cole

Mark Conolly

Lana and Davis Corley

Nicholas DAngelo

Davis Wright Tremaine, LLP

Chris Davis

John DeLeon

Vera and Stephen P. Dem

Joyce Derrickson

Christine Devine and Sean McNabb

Sue L. Dotan

Kim Ebbets

Phyllis Eisenberg

Samira Far

Lois R. Fishman

Joanna E. Flores and Sreejith Partha

Deborah and Martin Fuller

Megan Gallow

Jennifer and Robert Galperson

Susan Gerstenberg

Michelle Gertzman

Navid M. Gharavi

Alexis Ginas

Annette Glod

Ellen Pearlstein and Lester Goldman

Daniel Gordon

Ileasa Green

Brenda and Bennett Gross

Tami Guo

Julia Hahn

Alejandra Cano-Hampton and Sean Hampton

Rob Harrington

Vanessa and Joseph Harris

Nathan Hass

Moira Hatch

David Herman

Jessica and Drew Hopkins

David Houston

Pauline Hsieh

Silvana and David Hughes

David Hull

Sandra Hunnicutt

Sheila and Richard Hutman

Sylvie Huynh

Matt Ilinitch

Stephanie and Jeffrey Jacobs

Kimberly Jaffe

Robin Jameson

Michael Jay

Tim Jenks

Ji Jeon and John Berlinski

Jocelyn Johnson

Johnny Jos

Jonathan Joseph

Joon Kang

Tony Kantarjian

Caroline Karlshoej

Dana Kasha-Cohen

Kimberly Kenny

Tarika Khan

Julie B. Kilmann

Jason King

Judith and Neil Kleinman

Courtney C. Knapp and Conor Friedersdorf

Gail and Jarold Kohll

Patricia and Earl Krause

Stacy and Bill Kravitz

Rodolfo Lacayo

Sarah and Christopher Leddy

Michelle Kydd Lee

Francine and Jeffrey Light

Aurora and Phillip Lindsey

Dina H. Litt

Sarah A. Mandato

Natasha Mitchnick and Todd Mandel

Dena Marienthal

Wyllie and Neal Maslan

Christopher Matthews

Paula Pendley and Paul McCloskey III

Lauren and Lee Mccollum

Haley Mehren

Toni Mensching

Phillip Merlo

Rosemary Miller and Derick Stace Naughton

Mary Ann and Gavien Miyata

Kevin M. Monachelli, C.P.A.

Deborah and Danny Needham

Betsy Neu

Reed Newman

Stewart Niles

Beryt and Adam Nisenson

Diane and Charles Nordell

Karla Nunfio

Dawn and Steve Olsen

Rory O’Malley

Bradley Owens

Ann and Mitchell Ozawa

Paradigm Talent Agency

Sean P. Perrone

April and John Perroni

Judith and Michael Petzold

Alejandro Phillips

Gina Taylor-Pickens and James Pickens, Jr.

Michele Polendey and Daniel Rodriguez

Dorothy L. Presley

Mary Price

Maria Quintero

Ganesh Rajan

Sandra Z. Rapke

Raymond James

Kenya Reeves-Costa and Orlando Costa

Joanne and Hilario Reyes

Keli Reynolds

Michael Reynolds

Dr. Jana Riess

Jaclyn Rosenberg

Paula Rosenberg

Jack Rosenthal

Harriet Ross

Jennifer Roth

Amy and Robert Sackler

Alejandro Salazar

Shane Saltzgiver

Alaina Sanchez

Danielle Sanchez-Witzel

Aida Santos

Leigh Sassone

Lance Schiffman

Sabine B. Schlosser-Cobus and John Cobus

Eric Schonberg

Valerie Schwartz

Mary Scott

Douglas A. Scotti

Selavi, Inc.

Hope and Richard Shaw

Jenni Konner and Richard Shepard

Gail Silberstein

Shelley Singer

Robert Smith

Katrina S. Soelter and Aaron Sanchez

Michelle and Tim Somers

Julie and Gary Soter

Jennifer Valentine Sperber and Mikko Sperber

Benjamin Spinner

Julie Spira

Andee M. Starewich

Isabella and Ash Steele

Barbara and Robert


Julie Stillwell

Mia Sulak

David Swan

Yvette Tache, Ph.D.

Jane Tani

Jamie Taylor

Ashley Templin

Andrew Tennenbaum

Sandra and Dr. Bert Thomas

Vanessa Torres

Amy and Michael Townsend

Laura Tremaine

Troy Troutner

Annie Tsai

Juan Tyberg

Bruce Tyson

Marc A. Udoff

DarLa VanWarmerdam

Francois Viljoen

Ashley Villa

David Wagner

Stephanie Wagner

Stephan Wasserman

Jaelee and Frank Watanabe

Carolyn and Ivory Watson

Nicholas Weiss

James Wiatt

Phyllis J. Wolf

Karen Wolfe

Paola and Joseph Womac

Jeannine Woo

Lauren Wooten

Frank Wuliger


Laura and Mohanad Zahrawi

Marilyn and Boris Zaks

Judith and Marvin Zeidler

Jason Ziven

Recognition Disclaimer: We appreciate your generous support to the Fulfillment Fund and wish to recognize our donors accurately. If we have inadvertently made an error, please contact our development office at (323) 900-8771 and we will make sure to address any questions, concerns or corrections.

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