Parent FAQ

Are there Fulfillment Fund resources for parents?

Yes, Fulfillment Fund offers resources and workshops for parents. You can attend the workshops for free if you have at least one student in our programs. Learn more about the workshops currently available by clicking here.

Why does my child need a parent consent form?

Every child is required to have a parent consent form on file before they can receive Fulfillment Fund Services on campus. This is because Fulfillment Fund is a non-LAUSD nonprofit organization and we need specific permission from you to provide services to your student(s).

When does my child enroll in Fulfillment Fund?

If your student attends a Fulfillment Fund partner high school, it is most common for them to join Fulfillment Fund in 9th grade.

Will my child have to leave their school to participate in Fulfillment Fund programs?

There are opportunities for students to take field trips to local college campuses and events, which are supervised by Fulfillment Fund staff and trained volunteers.

Can I contact Fulfillment Fund’s staff for support?

You can email or call your child’s Fulfillment Fund counselor and/or advisor to schedule a meeting. For anything else, or questions about the parent program, please get in touch with us at and we will direct your question to the correct staff member.

Is there a parent contact on the school campuses?

Each high school has a community representative on campus who can help you with specific school-related questions. A Fulfillment Fund specialist is regularly on campus if you need additional in-person support. Please contact us at and we will direct your question to the correct staff member.

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