4 Back-to-School Tips for New College Freshman

Believe it or not, back-to-school season is right around the corner! For 100% of Fulfillment Fund’s new high school graduates, this means starting college as an incoming freshman. Taking this big step can feel exciting, a little scary, and even intimidating – which is why our staff are here to make sure our scholars feel supported every step of the way.

Olivia, Postsecondary Program Coordinator at the Fulfillment Fund, has four favorite tips for incoming freshman. Are you about to start college? Check out the tips below about how to smoothly transition into college and have the best start to your new experience. Not a student, or already graduated? Share these with the future college students in your life!

Tip #1: Go to all of the free events your campus has to offer!

During the first few weeks of school, every club and resource office hosts events for students to come to and learn about what they do. Break out of your comfort zone and go learn about what your campus has to offer, meet new people, and get some free food and cool giveaways!

Tip #2: Organization is key!

Whether you are already a naturally organized person or if this something you need to develop, this is going to be key for your success in college. Your schedule will likely be different every day, so you will need something to help you keep everything in order. It could be organizing your school work, your schedule, doctors’ appointments, or office hours; whatever the case may be, make sure you find a tool to keep yourself and all of your events organized. Electronic calendars, notebooks, post-its, whiteboards…the possibilities are endless!

Tip #3: Make time for yourself.

This may seem easy and straight forward but college and all of the new things that come with it are going to demand a lot of your time and attention. It’s important for you not to forget about yourself! You are not defined only by the school you go to, the classes you are taking, or the activities you participate in. Make time to do the things you really enjoy. It’s all about balance.

Tip #4: Ask questions and listen.

It is ok to ask questions. I know this sounds cliché, but there is no such thing as a dumb question – especially when it comes to attending a new school. Asking questions does not mean you are not smart, it means you care. Listen to the responses you get and make sure you understand before moving on. Whether it is to your orientation leader, counselor, professor, or classmate, go ahead and ask questions so you can gain clarity.

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