Daniela: A Guided Transfer

Daniela’s path from Santa Monica College to UCLA is a testament to resilience and determination. In the fall of 2021, she became an incoming freshman at UC Santa Barbara. While the process of gaining admittance and moving away from home was exciting; it was just not the right fit for Daniela. She quickly connected with her College Success Advisor to weigh her options to come back home and attend SMC with the ultimate goal of graduating from UCLA. 

Daniela recalls thinking the transfer process would be “daunting,” but with support from Fulfillment Fund, she navigated the transfer process seamlessly, utilizing resources like one-on-one college advising and assistance with financial aid. “Fulfillment Fund was fundamental in my transfer process,” Daniela reflects. “I received support every step of the way, from reviewing applications to navigating the complexities of FAFSA.”

Transitioning to UCLA, Daniela found herself thriving in the quarter system, thanks to her prior experiences at community college. “The transition has been extraordinary,” she shares. “I’ve met wonderful peers and adapted quickly to my new environment.” Reflecting on her journey, Daniela acknowledges Fulfillment Fund’s role not only in her transfer but also in her overall college experience. “Fulfillment Fund has been supportive throughout my journey,” she affirms. “From financial aid assistance to career workshops, they’ve provided invaluable resources.”

As a participant in Fulfillment Fund’s College Success Program, Daniela has engaged in various events and services that have shaped her college experience. “The Career Expo and internship opportunities have been particularly impactful,” she notes. “They’ve equipped me with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed both during and after college.”

Looking ahead, Daniela hopes to leverage her college education to secure job security and opportunities for herself and her family. “I want to inspire my community to pursue higher education,” she says. “Through my experience, I aim to show others that anything is possible with determination and support.”

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