Dream Big at Destination College

By: John Kuhlmann, Director of College Access Programs

With the fall season upon us, Fulfillment Fund is revving up to bring its signature college access event, Destination College, to students, parents, and school communities. This year marks the event’s silver anniversary, and plans to equip high school students with the tools they need as they move through the path to college are as important as ever. The timing of Destination College 2021 coincides with the reopening of schools across the county. The shifting of students who have been accessing school for well over a year via distance learning back to in-person classes highlights the need to help students reconnect with themselves academically, socially, and emotionally. Given the need for students to rekindle the spark that drives their dreams and ambitions, Destination College aims to light the inspiration and passion in every student attending this two-day virtual event. 

Rikki Mendias, Executive Director and Founder of Hav-A-Sole, a Los Angeles-based nonprofit, will kick things off at this year’s Destination College. Rikki’s personal experience as a youth who lived through hardship led him to create a nonprofit that provides quality footwear to the unhoused residents of Los Angeles. His story truly captures the essence of what it means to be inspired and to use passion to realize a dream. Students attending this year’s event will have an opportunity to listen to Rikki and learn how creativity, entrepreneurship, and compassion come together to bring top-name fashion brands into supporting Rikki’s grassroots social cause. 

Rikki Mendias, Executive Director and Founder of Hav-A-Sole

Following the opening, the program continues with a full slate of college access workshops on topics such as college fit, applying to out-of-state colleges, financial aid, becoming competitive in the college application process, as well as informative workshops to address the needs of undocumented youth. This year, with the objective of helping students reconnect with their passion and inspiration, Destination College will also offer students an opportunity to attend unique and creative breakout sessions on personal branding and motivation, helping students to reflect within themselves to reconnect with that which fuels their fire to achieve. The event will also present career speaker panels to allow students to learn from professionals in the creative arts and business world and discover how they can create a successful career by connecting with their passion. Parents also will have opportunities to attend specialized workshops to help them learn about ways to support their children in the journey to college. 

For 25 years Destination College has sought to connect students who often come from challenging situations – economically disadvantaged students who are the first in their families to attend college – with the information and support they need to go to college. This year will be no different. The Fulfillment Fund looks forward to putting on yet another memorable experience to inspire youth to keep reaching for their dreams. We welcome you all to join us on October 15th and 16th for this amazing event.

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