Fulfillment Fund University

Fulfillment Fund University is designed to form a bridge from high school graduation to the first day of college. Through a series of preparatory workshops held over the summer, we mitigate the ‘summer melt’ phenomenon, which affects 10 to 15% of students nationwide who fail to successfully matriculate to college even upon gaining entry. Fulfillment Fund University also builds a new community for first-year students embarking on their college journey. 

Currently, we have transitioned our summer workshop to a virtual three-day event with pre-recorded assignments and live presentations. Our curriculum reviews important materials for incoming freshmen including navigating financial aid, how to get into the classes students need to graduate, upcoming deadlines from enrollment to housing, and basic tips for life on campus. Fulfillment Fund University also covers cultural issues for first-generation students such as imposter syndrome and has now added a course on how to better adapt distance learning.

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