Individualized College Counseling

Fulfillment Fund’s college counselors provide in-depth counseling sessions for 11th and 12th graders, guiding students as they complete requisite coursework, explore and understand financial aid options, determine their best-fit colleges, prepare personal statements and submit college applications.

When it comes to financial aid, our team provides crucial services for students and parents to not only explain the financial aid process but help them consider financial aid and scholarship resources that can assist with making college a reality.  

Every Fulfillment Fund senior has the opportunity to receive one on one support from their college counselor, who walks them through FAFSA and DREAM Act applications, reviews and deciphers their award letters, and offers scholarship application guidance. We also host a variety of workshops for both parents and students throughout the school year including a financial aid workshop at the annual Destination College+ event, and multiple Cash for College workshops at a variety of local schools. 

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