Introducing the Career Speaker Series

By: Rachel Livingston, VP of Programs

This month, Fulfillment Fund is thrilled to launch our inaugural Career Speaker Series for high school students. In partnership with the five schools located on the LAUSD RFK Ambassador campus, we have created a series of interactive webinars showcasing professionals from a variety of career fields.

As an organization dedicated to supporting students by providing them with the resources they need to successfully attend college and graduate into their first (career) job, we know that students cannot plan for life in the world of work if they do not have knowledge of what that world looks like. For so many of our students, they are unsure which careers would be a great match for their skills, abilities, and interests and feel overwhelmed by what they don’t know. Our engaging webinars are designed to provide practical and accessible information from 24 different professionals, allowing our students to explore career possibilities and opportunities available to them in a supportive and fun environment.

Each Wednesday in April, over 1700 high school students will attend presentations from professionals with organizations ranging from Comerica Bank, Netflix, FEMA, and the LA Rams. These professionals come from a variety of backgrounds. Some have been involved with Fulfillment Fund for a long time, while others are newly engaged with us. They come from a variety of professional fields, including healthcare, public service, entertainment, law, and international relations. The range of backgrounds and years in the field is expansive, but they all have one thing in common — they jumped at the chance to share their knowledge and guidance with our students.

We are excited to launch this new initiative and build new partnerships with these amazing professionals who have graciously volunteered their time so that our students can be inspired to pursue careers that are a great match for their passion and interests.

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