Managing Stress

On March 24, 2021, our College Success Program hosted Dr. Kendrea C. Hart to talk to Fulfillment Fund college students about how they can manage their stress. Learn more about how stress impacts you and how you can manage it successfully. 

Dr. Kendrea C. Hart is an experienced school psychologist and child advocate with two decades of success in promoting programs and policies to strengthen ecological protective factors for children. Dr. Hart has worked with and advocated for children in a variety of settings including educational systems in the southeast and western parts of the United States, public health within the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), juvenile detention centers, and non-profit and community-based agencies. Professionally, Dr. Hart has an intimate knowledge and perspective of providing safe and nurturing environments for youth with disabilities, facing mental health challenges, and who identify as LGBTQ. She also supports children of undocumented immigrants, victims of sex trafficking and adjudicated youth; and attenuates family stresses associated with poverty and limited access to resources. Dr. Hart has presented at numerous professional development seminars and conferences for parents and professionals supporting youth. She has consulted with numerous organizations to help develop and fortify programs to ameliorate negative environmental factors and promote optimal youth development.

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