More than Money: Fulfillment Fund’s Scholarship Program

By: Joanne Reyes, Fulfillment Fund CEO

For Fulfillment Fund students, finding the means to pay for college is such a critical part of the journey. That’s why we have offered scholarships to our students for decades. Scholarships are made possible through generous donors, who contribute to our overall scholarship fund.

Recently, others have seen our decades-long expertise in our scholarship program, and the way we support students throughout their college graduation journey in tandem with providing the financial means to do so. In December, we formed a partnership with the LA Rams to help them launch their Kenny Washington Memorial Scholarship. We also launched a partnership with the Youth Orchestra of Los Angeles to help them plan and execute their scholarship program. Along with these new partnerships, we have long-standing alliances with local country clubs that award scholarships to the dependents of their employees and the employees who are interested in pursuing a college education for the betterment of their careers. Our depth of expertise in our scholarship program not only comes with the way that the funds are purposefully and strategically awarded, but also the network of support that we offer students to help them on their journey to college success. 

If you are interested in exploring a partnership with Fulfillment Fund to achieve your scholarship goals, or in providing much-needed scholarships, drop us a line. We’d be more than happy to explore with you and to see how and where our efforts could lead to more students completing their college education.

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