Welcome New Board Member, Keith Tholan!

We are delighted to share that Keith Tholan, President and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of AIT Worldwide Logistics, is joining the Fulfillment Fund Board of Directors. 

“It is a privilege to join such a dedicated team and culture at Fulfillment Fund where the focus is concentrated on providing students with additional resources to further their education,” he remarked. “I’m inspired by the opportunity to contribute to an organization that is profoundly changing lives by making college a reality for so many deserving students. When I had the opportunity to meet some of the young people whose lives have been improved by Fulfillment Fund, I knew I had to become more involved.”

Keith attended the University of North Texas, where he got his Bachelor of Business Administration before embarking on a promising career. He now lives with his wife, two daughters, and their two dogs in Los Angeles.

“We were excited to welcome [Keith] aboard from the moment we met him,” Joanne Reyes, Fulfillment Fund’s Chief Executive Officer, said. “Keith’s proven leadership at AIT, particularly in fostering a healthy organizational culture and unity among teams, positions him as a great asset to the board and our mission to empower students.”

We look forward to the positive impact Keith’s leadership and experience will bring to Fulfillment Fund. Together, we are committed to making a lasting difference in the lives of students, ensuring they have the resources and support needed to transform their educational dreams into reality.

Read AIT Worldwide’s Press Release announcing Keith’s onboarding to our Board of Directors: https://www.aitworldwide.com/newsroom/tholan-joins-fulfillment-fund-board.

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