Return to School

By: Rachel Livingston, VP of Programs

It’s “Back to School” time! On August 16, students across Los Angeles will return to school. Amidst the buying of new backpacks and notebooks, students will add a face mask and hand sanitizer to their school supply list. 

This will be an extra special return to school, as many students have not had in-person learning since March of 2020. Fulfillment Fund staff will also be returning to support our students and partner schools for in-person services — something we have only done virtually during this pandemic. While our staff and school partners have been preparing to provide for the health, safety, and learning of our students; we know this transition will have its challenges. 

Throughout the pandemic and distance learning, many students struggled to stay focused on their learning as well as their goals after high school. Our Programs team has been planning all summer to be ready to help students with whatever this year brings. 

College Access:
Our College Access team has been creating and implementing lessons through our virtual classroom (College Access Virtual Education, CAVE) to support students in grades 9-12. These lessons help them stay connected with the information they need to plan for life after high school. After a year of virtual delivery of our college access curriculum, we will begin returning to some in-person lesson delivery. We know that many students have questions about how to be prepared for college life, and our curriculum is an important way to ensure they have the information they need to achieve their goals. 

Fulfillment Fund College Counselors will be working closely with their partner schools to provide one-on-one college support for students in grade 12, making sure they are aware of the plan for the year, important deadlines, and all the support they will be receiving from Fulfillment Fund staff. Our College Counselors have spent the summer planning our in-person service delivery and are thrilled to be back on campus working with students.  

College Success:
College Success Advisors have spent the summer working with incoming freshmen to make sure they don’t succumb to “summer melt.” Moving through the transition from high school to college is stressful for all students, and our College Success Advisors have been working diligently to ensure all of our students get the support and guidance they need to be set up for success. 

Our focus for our college students this time of year is helping them get settled into their fall routine and classes. As they return to in-person learning, students will need extra support and guidance — the team is ready! We have a new team member, Kim Nguyen, who joins us just in time to start the fall term. She brings a wealth of experience and knowledge and is going to be a great addition to the College Success team. 

Over a year ago high school and college students shifted into distance learning. As they now move back into in-person learning, it is a time of significant transition. In-class learning will not look quite the same as it did a year ago. However, one thing that remains the same is our commitment to helping our students have the information and guidance they need to continue to work towards their college and career goals. As we go “Back to School,” we understand our students need our support now more than ever to help them stay on track and achieve their dreams through education.

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