Uplifting Leaders

Starting in Fall 2023, we will launch an ambassador initiative to grow future leaders and elevate student voices. A select group of seniors will become Fulfillment Fund ambassadors at their high schools, helping with student outreach and representing and promoting our programs. Participating students will be invited to our Northern California three-day college tour over spring break and also get priority participation in other Fulfillment Fund activities.

Fulfillment Fund is opening up an application process among current high school juniors interested in developing their leadership skills and the perks of our ambassadors. This initiative will help them develop leadership and presentation skills. Additionally, student ambassadors will extend the reach of our programs and serve as a student voice for our staff. They will also represent student voices for Fulfillment Fund’s strategic planning process and incorporate those we serve into our organization’s decision-making activities — empowering diverse youth to share their stories in their own words.

Stay tuned for more updates on this initiative.

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