Building Pathways to College

Fulfillment Fund helps students build pathways to college by offering hands-on, holistic services that meet students where they are. That means bringing college access curriculum and one-on-one college counseling directly to local Los Angeles schools. Delivered in the classroom during the regular school day, Fulfillment Fund’s grade-level specific curriculum and in-depth one-on-one advisement focuses on high school graduation, college planning, and the practical needs for reaching college.

Over the course of four years, students will build on their college pathway by tracking and complete their required coursework, learning about the best financial assistance options for them, determining the best colleges and universities to achieve their educational goals, working on competitive personal statements, and finally submitting their financial aid, scholarship, and college applications. Students and their families also get the chance to meet with college representatives face-to-face at Destination College, Fulfillment Fund’s annual information-packed, day-long college preparation event.