Jinna Lee

Jinna Lee joined the Fulfillment Fund as a college counselor in January 2021. Jinna serves 11th and 12th graders at New Open World (NOW) Academy, as well as scholars from Hillcrest and Brentwood Country Club. Jinna Conducts one on one college counseling sessions with high school juniors and seniors providing resources, scholarships, and holds college and financial application workshops.

Jinna was born and raised in S. Korea, where she received her B.S. from Ewha Woman’s University and came to the US to explore the bigger world and continue earning her master’s program. Upon receiving her master’s degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) from Michigan, she moved to Southern California, where she started her career as a college counselor in the private sector. Prior to the Fulfillment Fund, she used to work as a center director at a nation-wide test prep center. She has been working with middle and high school students with their secondary and college admission process and visited about 100 colleges in the US, including the west coast, east coast, as well as midwest, and southwest regions.

She believes that college admission is a mere beginning of the most wonderful future for each and every student, and she would like to hold each hand of all the students to get the admissions of their college choice.

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